Friday, November 2, 2012

Inspiration Board: White Gerberas

Gerberas are simple and amazing: you can do really everything with them. Put them on a metal hooks and they will be perfect for aperitif or at the benches of your ceremony. A bouquet of gerberas could be perfect for your bridesmaid as to your centerpiece. We love them! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

A nice idea with Hydrangeas and Callas

We found this floral composition on IoDonna, an italian magazine and thought it could be a perfect idea for a wedding in Autumn or early spring! Lilac Hydrangeas + White callas. They are sourrounded by some Cinnamon Sticks. The effect is really eco chic, Tuscan and this composition will be perfect on a burlap tablecloth! Pin this idea! ;-) 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Perla e Said 15.09.2012

Perla and Said got married 15th September, the weather was quite cold and together with the brid and the groom we decided to have dinner in the internal restaurant since they was less then 50 people. 

The main colour of the reception is blue. Blue tulle  as decoration, and light blue butterflies both for placeholder and  favours. 

This lovely butterflies are everywhere!

Perla e Said 15.09.2012

Lacramioara & Danut 08.09.2012

For Lacramioara and Danut Wedding, 8th September 2012, the main colours are lilac and soft pink: these colours keeps on coming thanks also to the nice lilac glass rocks that are on every napkin and here and there on the tables. 

Lilac on the box for guests' present and lilac the nice favours (DIY) 

Their aperitif is shining thank also the warm September weather: 

Their wedding was a "dancing wedding" that is to say you stop every now and then, between one course and another, to do groups ballet and couple ones in according to your Country tradiction. 

This is 

the reason 
why there 
is less space
 between the 
tables and 
more free 
space to 
do the 

Lara e Danut 08.08.2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Real Wedding: Simona and Jake

The very first day of September our bride and groom got married here in Casentino. The main colours of the wedding are Fuchsia/Pink and Ivory. The table setting is with a graceful Ivory tablecloth and flax underplates. 

On each underplate, their favours: a box mint (one in Pink, the other in Silver). Placeholder are at the bottom of every goblet. The effect is chich and bright. 
Just <3 Married
Since the weather was uncertain the aperitif was served inside the internal restaurant... 
the aperitif is a mix between Tuscan tradition and new flavours. A special attention to the presentation.

Flower composition on every table. Fuchsia Gerberas, White Lisianthus, White Gypsophila. 

Simona & Jake 01.09.2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Real Weddings: Greta and David

Greta and David went for a Blue and White wedding. White as the rounded flower carnations composition with lovely blue ribbons. 
White tablecloth and wavy napkins. Their favours were on the table as a gift for everyone: 4th August 2012, lunch time. 

These 3 composition on the bride and groom table, always remember that the b&g table should be a little different from the others

We loved the idea for the tableau: a silver frame with blue butterflies and blue ribbons, the frame was on a huge wooden easle. White tulle ribbons on the stairs. 

Since August is a really warm month and this day also one of the nicest ideas was the Fruit kebab, on more than one Pineapple there were these delicious, fresh and healty wedding fruit kebabs...and what about the cake?

A huge Strawberry Heart Wedding Cake! 

Greta e David 04.08.2012 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Real Wedding: Sara e Nicola

Sara and Nicola from Tuscany decided to have an eco wedding chic, everything really organic and natural such as their favours: little bonsai guest should take care for...

The favours was together with coriandoli of different flavours and colours, the effect of the table looks really effective for the guest that entered in the room. 

For sure, one of the most original ideas of Sara and Nicola's Wedding was the tableau: a white bicycle with 2 baskets full of wild flowers and herbs together with paper butterflies in which were written the guests' names. Amazing! 

The table setting was in style with the idea of the wedding, main colours green and pink with very nice centerpiece with a ivory candle, hydrangea, ivy and roses:
Stylish idea: the swimming-pool sourrounded by lantern with pink candle inside...nice to see during the afternoon, stunning for the night!

Sara e Nicola 07 Luglio 2012 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Real Weddings: Egor & Ekaterina

Imagine a wedding where everything is made for the care of your own guest, imagine the attention of a Bride and a Groom for their friends and relatives: 
this was Yegor and Katya's wedding 29 June 2012

Main colours of the wedding are light pink and light green and every object and small particular is in perfect harmony with this idea. 

First part of the Wedding reception, of course, is the aperitif: the swimming-pool is decorated with Hydrangea (Ortensia) and Penony. From the gate to the bottom of the panoramic terrace is personalised with our bride and groom's ideas: 
Every guest found, with great surprise, a photo of themselves at the beginning of the terrace on a wire hanged with wooden clips.
Ribbons next to a table with polaroid for taking photos, a lot of funny glasses, soap bubbles: Strike the pose! 

Hydrangeas inside a bottle sourrounds the entire swimming-pool on a lovely sunny day. Metal hooks, tailored by a blaksmith, with pink tulle and flowers

After the aperitif the reception goes on, we move to the Pergola where the Wedding dinner takes place...
Hydrangeas, Peony, Alstroalmeria, pink lisianthus and Eustoma and a lot of pink petals and candles... stylish, charming and soft. 

Post cards from Italy to be posted to the bride and the groom... soft pink boxes "All you need is Love - Egor & Ekaterina" <3

For their amazing wedding a 500 wedding car with soft pink baloon

"I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night" 

Egor & Ekaterina 29.06.2012