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Help! I need to choose my wedding Location

This is one of the first doubt we have: where? First of all you should decide if you would like to get married in your own Country or in the place you have always loved or a particular place...maybe there is one place in the world that you partuiculary care about...this is the right way!

Swimming Pool at I Tre Baroni
First of all you should think on how long this day would be. It could last one day or, maybe, two or three days to take the chance to move all together in that particular place you love and stay close to your friends and family. The majority of the weddings consist in: ceremony, aperitif, dinner/lunch and then, overnight.

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One thing that is really important is that you should make sure that for that particular day in the location you choose there will be just you and your guest...Not the location's ones!

Another importan aspect is that the Location should have different spaces for you to use. One big restaurant which has an amazing room and no space outside, no green or terrace maybe it is not suitable if you have an entire day from the aperitif to the after dinner...

Where you will get married? Whether in a Castle or in a Church you should consider how long will you and, above all, your guest, take from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. If you take 2 hours, maybe you should change your mind. Here's become foundamental doing an inspection. Surfing the net you could become crazy about all the things and places you see: as soon as you found one you think is suitable the nest thing to do is catch a plane and go there.

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Be there, in the Location you have been thought will be a real test! Meeting the wedding planner or the owner or whoever will welcome you will give you the second impression. Do you have any doubt about the Location? About the people you had met? This is not your place, trust us, you should find some other Location.

If you are feeling welcome, if you trust the people, if you love the sensation and the colours of the place...stop! This must be your lovely Location.

The moon after a Wedding aperitif at I tre Baroni 

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