Saturday, May 26, 2012

The importance of being a wedding flower ;-)

You chose the menu, your dreaming gown and Wedding Location. You found the Wedding Car, the rings and the make - up...but what about flowers? Wedding Flowers anre a foundamental and integral part of every wedding. Flowers should be one of the fist steps you should think about 
freeflyer b on Pinterest: mercury glass, burlap, and white flowers 

The bouquet is another chapter we will write as soon as possible, we want to concentrate now on all the other flowers for the w-reception. 

SEASON FIRST! Avoid to choose a flower which is not in its own season: more expansive, not natural, less bright colours (sometimes). If you decided to getting married in one particuar season that could be January as well as July you should listen to Nature... 

Winter White Roses, Ivy, White Poplar
Sometimes winter brides worry there will not be any nice flowers available...this is not true!There are plenty of flowers in winter times and if you go for Christmas time you could also add a lot of decorations. Amaryllis, Camellias, Daffodil, Ranunculus, Wax Flowers, Tulips. Winter roses are wonderful too. 

Spring of course, is the best moment for flowers, when everything and everyone is in blooming: peony, Anemone, Hyacinth, Lilacs, Narcissus, Ranunculus, Tulips...more and more..:-D

Sunflower, Ivy, Wheat
Summer also is perfect for flowers and, especially in Tuscany is the Sunflowers season..perfect for your Tuscan Wedding: roses also, Alstromeria, Forget-me-not, Lisianthus..

Pumpkins, orange and yellow roses

Fall flowers: you could decide to satisfy yours whims with colours: passionate red, yellowish leaves and orange. Dahlia, Dried leaves, roses of course.

Remember that flowers such as Gerberas, Roses, Orchid, Callas are available all year round 

Flower Seasons  Here
Ivy, Red Roses and White Candle

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