Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lacramioara & Danut 08.09.2012

For Lacramioara and Danut Wedding, 8th September 2012, the main colours are lilac and soft pink: these colours keeps on coming thanks also to the nice lilac glass rocks that are on every napkin and here and there on the tables. 

Lilac on the box for guests' present and lilac the nice favours (DIY) 

Their aperitif is shining thank also the warm September weather: 

Their wedding was a "dancing wedding" that is to say you stop every now and then, between one course and another, to do groups ballet and couple ones in according to your Country tradiction. 

This is 

the reason 
why there 
is less space
 between the 
tables and 
more free 
space to 
do the 

Lara e Danut 08.08.2012

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