Friday, September 20, 2013

Mamma, I'm getting married in Tuscany!

Choose to get married in Tuscany is like stepping into Wonderland: endlessly countryside made up of rolling hills, small villages with Medieval hamlets, charming castles carrying legend from the past. 
fiat 500
Getting married in Tuscany means a land of history and culture together with natural and panoramic places, you should take this in consideration if you are going to get merried in Tuscany! It is very important customise your W-day inside the italian tradition. 
Luckly, the internet helps us to find millions of ideas. Do you think that a fiat 500 is something already seen? c'mon, we're in Tuscany! If you can't do the Dolce Vita here, where? 
After all...we are the Country of olives, good wines, Vespa and pasta and it would be nice if some of these ideas will cutom your wedding. 

 For sure, this means not that your wedding should be rustic inevitably! You could opt for a chic thing:

The most important thing is thet you find your real Tuscany, which is something you won't find in a field but inside your true essence: so that your w-day will be original and authentic. 

Ladies and Gentlemen...this - is - Tuscany 

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