Friday, January 3, 2014

Dreaming of a wedding in Tuscany?

Would you like to break away from a traditional wedding in your own Country but do you think getting married abroad is an impossible task to achieve? Consider that an amazing wedding in Tuscany is easier than you think! 

The Location 
Choose to get married in Tuscany is like stepping into Wonderland: endlessly countryside made up of rolling hills, small villages with Medieval hamlets, charming castles carrying legend from the past.

In Tuscany, between Florence and Arezzo we find a close, partially unexplored land crossed throughout by the Arno River, which springs up here. A fascinating, ever changing land, consisting of stunningly beautiful forests and old woods, hills and mountains, brooks and streams, landscapes and panoramas. A land that has always been cared for and protected by its inhabitants, enabling the founding of the National Park of Casentino Forests in a green belt covering over 36000 hectares.This is where our Resort is located and we would be happy to be part of your family during your stay. 

The cost
Do not think prices are higher here. It is possible to have nice things without spending a fortune. Above all, since we are leaving here and we know people and places, it would be easier to have the best price. Consider also that our wedding budget start from € 58.00 and include the menu, the cake, the the wines, the exclusive of the property and our wedding planning assistance for free . 

Tuscany is beautiful in every month: from the warm colours of the Autumn, to the blooming Spring. Then the warm and green summer and finally, the romantic winter. For sure, only for the rooms, Summer is the most expansive, but do not think the difference is also for other things: in our Resort prices remain the same for the menu and all the other services all year.

Book a villa is better
Whether you’re paying for your guest’s accommodation or not, the most cost-effective and efficient way to accommodate all your wedding guests is in a private villa or hamlet such as our Resort. In a private villa, all your guests will stay together in one place set within the same grounds. The difference is that in our villa you still have the services of a 4 stars hotel: You would like to have breakfast at 10:00 to 12:00? for sure is possible! Would you like to organise a pizza party by the pool? Our staff is at your disposal. Would you like to have the ceremony by the pool? No problem you are the only guest of the hotel. 

Legal requirements for getting married in Italy 
There are some legal requirements for getting married in Italy, although the process is fairly simple and in most cases can happen with short notice. Here are some rough guidelines to the paperwork required to get married in Italy. For full guidelines you should always contact an Italian Consular Officer in your country or the City Registrar (Ufficiale di Stato Civile) of the city where the marriage will occur.

Any foreigner wishing to marry in Italy will first need the following documents in place:
A passport (always check how long beyond your length of stay your passport needs to be valid for , e.g. 6 months)
Full birth certificate
If previously divorced/widowed, your divorce decree or death certificate
Documents may need to be translated into Italian and authenticated by an Italian Consular Officer.
You can then obtain any other important documents you will need to get married in Italy:
Nulla Osta: This certificate grants permission for you to marry in Italy and must be obtained from your country’s appropriate regional Consulate or Embassy in Italy. This is usually the only other document needed from UK or Irish citizens.

There are costs involved with this process and you must always check how long the paperwork is valid for as it will expire after a given amount of time (usually three months). Different rules apply for each nationality, so always check with an Italian Consular Officer in your country.
Email are the best way to keep in touch with your Tuscan planners: write them emails with doubt, send them photos in order to be clear, ask even weird things!