Monday, May 4, 2015

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are special. The snow (maybe) and the fireplace, a good wine and a lot of love.
Borgo I Tre Baroni Entrance door in January 
A truly magic atmosphere. If you are thinking of getting married in Winter time, have a look to some photos for getting inspiration. Our Borgo I Tre Baroni is inside the Casentino National Park and in Winter everything is silent and you feel the real power of Nature.

Be sure to choose the right colours. White as snow but also Black as night, Silver and Gold and Red is always nice if you are almost at Christmas.

Elegant Table setting with Silver underplates with bubbles and an Ivory tablecloth. Wooden chairs and roses as centrepiece.

Christmas Lights for the aperitif
You could use the Christmas Tree ball for doing an extraordinary table plan, putting the names on the tree.

Red carpet and light on the trees. White Satin Candles