Egor and Ekaterina photo here
Our best advertisment are our brides and grooms who had their wedding reception in our venue. Which is your idea of wedding? You could go for a traditional one, maybe a romantic one or something different? We are at your disposal, ready to listen to your ideas; ready to give you our experience.

Hereafter you will find some feedback of our Brides&Grooms:

Evgeniya & Nikolay from Russia
Mery and Marino from Italy

Konstantin and Julia from Russia

Tara and Mattia from Australia

Perla and Said from Italy

                                          Egor and Katya from Russia 

                                          Claire and Michael from Ireland
Simona and Jake from UK

          The Bride's dad point of view

          Debby and Koen from Belgium

          Camilla and PJ from Ireland

          Lisa and Bill from USA

         Lara and Federico from Sweden

Wedding Beetle - Photo by A.Larking do not use without permission

We always post our weddings on Facebook...want to have a look? ;-) Facebook Photostreaming

Julia and Konstantin 
Claire and Michael
Simona and Jake
Sara e Nicola 
Debby, the bride threw the bouquet

{Photos by I Tre Baroni wedding in Tuscany or friends of ours. Don't copy or use without permission.}

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